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Hyaluronic Vegetal
Radiant Complexion
Botanical Firming
Tightens the Pores
Young Skin

Bring life to your complexion! Plants, extracts, marine minerals and proteins will improve the lipid content of the skin and promote firmness. This superior tonic contains tamarind seed extract; a natural film-forming polysaccharide, which has a moisturizing efficiency equal to hyaluronic acid. It includes aloe vera, chamomile, and Japanese green tea which help rejuvenate the skin, while cucumber extract will help tighten pores. Pea protein and marine minerals containing selenium, magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium and geranium complete the essential needs for a glowing complexion. This tonic calms the irritation of shaving and is designed for all skin types.

Directions :
Day and night, in preparation for moisturizing and protective treatments, it can be used as a tonic and makeup remover. Use after FRESH CLEANSER*, on a cotton ball evenly or directly in the palms of your hands and pat the neck, décolleté and on the clean skin of your face (*Dr SERRAR® BIO).

Stop at the slightest change or reaction. If necessary consult a Medical professional or health info in case of allergy-reaction.
Each skin is different and reacts differently to the same cosmetic. We do not provide personalized advice, we do not know your skin.
For any personal advice, especially if you are undergoing medical treatment: consult your doctor or dermatologist.
Never change a prescribed treatment based on what you read on the internet.


MADE IN CANADA      |      GMP CERTIFIED      |      NON GMO     |      ISO 17025 CERTIFIED LAB


4 oz