AESTHETICS graduates are looking for a certain autonomy and are dedicated to the good health of people. Our graduates work for themselves, in specialized clinics or for resorts, spas, cruise ships, hotel complexes, etc.


1800 hours (24 months)




Our training program in applied aesthetics from our Dr. SERRAR® Academy is intended for those who wish to discover, understand and implement a professional and safe approach to aesthetics for your clients.

For those who have already followed a training program in aesthetics, this training is complementary, because it will allow you to go further, by directing you to a more advanced and modern approach to aesthetics.

For those who have not yet had access to training in aesthetics, or who do not have specific knowledge in the matter, do not be worried. The content of this training is designed to allow you to assimilate information and knowledge, whatever your starting level.

An important clarification before you embark on this training. The right to diagnosis as well as the notion of treatment of pathologies, according to the legislation, are reserved for holders of a doctorate in medicine. The health advice mentioned in this training will eventually be added to the allopathic or homeopathic techniques and medications prescribed by the doctor. It is in no way a substitute for, or discontinuation of ongoing medical treatments without the advice of your doctor.

If you decide to embark on the profession of beautician, we strongly advise you to collaborate with doctors and traditional allopathic medicine. Indeed, close collaboration can only be profitable and beneficial for the health and well-being of your future customers.

At the end of each module, you will be offered a 10-question test to validate your knowledge.


During this aesthetic care course, we explore all aspects of this field until the student is ready to present his exam and start this activity.

Aesthetics is surely a sector of the future, because women are becoming more and more financially independent, and also have more time for themselves. If men prefer to play sports, women prefer to take care of themselves. In addition, aesthetics is no longer reserved for a certain social class, it is now common to see less well-off people, especially students, come for treatment.

The profession of beautician is also much more subtle and complicated than the generally held idea. It’s not just about applying creams or massaging. It’s a very technical job that requires a good knowledge of the different types of skin, products, devices, gestures… We follow very precise protocols and don’t just do anything!

The aesthetic care training presented in our course will allow you to prepare for the exam. This course provides you with theoretical training on all the topics required to pass the exam. It is up to you to carefully study the topics covered in the course. Our goal is for you to pass your exam, so that you can have the chance to exercise this marvelous profession of beautician, thus allowing women to find work on their own, in a specialized clinic or for beauty centers. resorts, spas, cruise ships, resorts, etc.

In this course, we will study anatomy, physiology, cosmetology, physiotherapy, the study of the skin and its anomalies, the study of hair, facial care, body care, nail care, hand care and foot care, as well as dietetics and hygiene.

Passing the exam implies immediate access to the profession, provided that he has a qualification in management.

Dr. Halima Serrar Ph,D., M.Sc, N.D.


Dr. SERRAR® Academy


1800 hours of classroom and practical courses.


Naturopathy / Hypnosis


Massage Therapy

1800 hours of classroom and practical courses.